Why email is 27X more valuable to bloggers + entrepreneurs than social media

You’ve heard a lot of conflicting advice lately.
Why email is 27X more valuable to bloggers + entrepreneurs than social media

Start Instagramming with more intention!

Livestream your face all over Facebook!

Tweet till your tweeters are sore!

…but you’ve also heard you should build + grow your email list.

So which is it?

Because if you’re working solo in your business (raise that hand high!), you have limited EVERYTHING.

Limited time, energy, and dollars.

That’s why it’s essential that you be strategic about how you spend those precious resources.

So today I’d like to give you an excerpt from a lesson out of the “Convert + Conquer” module in my Blog Smarter program, because it helps you understand exactly where to focus your energy—and if you’re a little skeptical, it shows you exactly why, as well.

I’m dropping you in, smack in the middle of the lesson. That’s so you can get a bang for your buck and only watch what’s relevant to you now, right where you are.

(…and in just 12 minutes, too! See how much I respect your time??)

So we’ll start with examining followers vs. reach, beginning with Twitter, and once the video is over? I’ll share how you can build your own email list with a special (FREE) training event.

But first, the video.

[Video] Why email is 27x more valuable to bloggers + entrepreneurs than social media (12:06)


Sources mentioned in video: Mack Collier’s Twitter experiment; Nathan Barry’s review of the Gumroad study; Explanation of Facebook organic reach falling

If you’re convinced it’s time to stop diluting your time, energy, and money all over social media — but don’t know how to build a healthy email list, I have great news:

A special, limited edition Self Study Course for the Blog Smarter program will be available this Fall. To find out how to get on the waiting list so you can get the smart strategy for building your email list—and your businessjust go here.

Why email is 27X more valuable to bloggers + entrepreneurs than social media

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Mary says

Thanks so much for this. I always go back to what I heard someone say once at a blogging conference – “Don’t base your business on rented property!”

Sharing this.

    Jeni B. says

    Thanks for the share, Mary. And that’s a *great* analogy. 🙂

Ruth LovettSmith says

“Limited time, energy, and dollars.” Yes, yes, and yes! There are never enough hours in the day. And it’s hard to know where to put that time. Thanks for the post. Signing up for your e-mail list!

Fei Fei says

I have subscribed your newsletter and hope to learn more from you.

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