005: How to Leverage Books & Online Courses to Create Two Full-Time Incomes, with Luke & Trisha Gilkerson

What sets a successful entrepreneur apart from those who never quite make it? It turns out…not that much. It’s one part ideas, one part mindset, and one part delight in the process of creating. And today’s guests prove that you can start selling products in spite of yourself, even as you’re learning to sell better.

In this episode of the 10X Profit Podcast, I chat with Luke & Trisha Gilkerson from Intoxicated on Life. They’ve gone from directionless bloggers, churning out content at a breakneck pace, to Smart CEOs in just a few years, with a whole shop full of resources + courses they’ve created for their audience. And now they’re both able to work full time in their at-home business while raising a family.

10X Profit Podcast Episode 5 by Biz Mavens

In this episode, listen for…

  • How Trisha’s “creative outlet” morphed into a business, and exactly when Trisha & Luke knew they wanted to run a business instead of a blog
  • Where they got the idea for their first successful product (it’s now part of their creative process!)
  • The rule of thumb they use when deciding which product to create next
  • How their sales went from “pathetic” (their words!) to providing two full-time incomes for their family
  • Exactly what they do when a product launch flops (+ how they each view launch goals differently)
  • …plus, we talk about outsourcing and masterminding…and how assembling both a team + a supportive tribe have been essential to their growth.

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