003: How to Go From Zero to $1K/month From Online Products & Courses, with Rachel Norman

On today’s show, I’m talking with Rachel Norman, who has moved from blogger to entrepreneur, now offering over a dozen products and courses for moms who want the mindsets, habits, and routines to take the chaos out of life.

10X Profit Podcast Rachel N

In today’s show, watch for some great gold nuggets, like how Rachel prioritizes which products to create for her audience, her journey from making $0 to over $1K/month and counting, and her plan for strategically growing her business without tripling the hours she works.

In this episode, listen for…

  • How Rachel decided to start creating paid products
  • The system she developed for quickly creating new products
  • Why Rachel lowered her FB scheduling to 1 hour per week
  • How Rachel balances between free and paid content (email)
  • How she prioritizes which products to create for her audience
  • How recognizing herself as a leader has given Rachel new priorities in her business
  • The journey from making $0 to $1K/month from her own product
  • How Rachel is having other people design her products, while she stays at CEO level
  • How Rachel keeps fresh in her business and keeps from obsessing over what other people in her niche are doing
  • Why Rachel stopped writing 3 posts per week (…and a peek inside her editorial calendar!)
  • The place for viral posts and why Rachel no longer tries to write viral posts on her blog

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