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Partial RSS Feed vs. Full Feed: Keeping your Subscribers (and Sponsors) Happy

Full Feed vs Partial Feed - Keeping your blog subscribers happy |

One of the most difficult decisions a blogger makes when moving their blog to WordPress is the format of their blog feed.  Do you want to deliver your entire post to your readers via Feedburner, or should you just give them an excerpt (a partial feed), and then have them visit your blog to see […]

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Blog Sponsorships: Finding a Match Made in Heaven

Sponsorships Finding a Match Made in Heaven | The Blog Maven

The success of your sponsorship program hinges on one thing: whether your blog sponsors are a good match with your readers.  Whether you’re just getting started or have been running a sponsorship program for years, it’s important for both your sponsors and your readers that you get this right. I had a recent conversation with […]

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How to Convert Pinterest Visitors to Subscribers

You already have your Pinterest profile optimized to drive traffic to your blog, but what happens when they get there?  Sure, they’ll love the post they came to see – but what makes them stick around and become members of your community? In this post, I’ll give you a few blogging tips for keeping the […]

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How to Add a Button with Grab Code in WordPress

How to Add a Button with Grab Code | The Blog Maven

So you’ve got your well designed blog button and you’re ready to add it to your sidebar.  Rather than making your readers “Save As” and create their own links to your blog, you can give them the code straight from your sidebar or post. Not only does this make your button infinitely easier for a […]

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Optimize Your Pinterest Profile for More Blog Traffic

Pinterest is the most powerful tool out there for drawing fresh faces to your blog.  But dominating Pinterest doesn’t happen by accident. Let’s say you’re pinning your favorite bits of the web consistently, with your readers in mind.  And you’re following the most influential pinners, so you have the inside scoop on what’s hot right […]

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Growing Your Blog with Pinterest: Follow Influential Pinners

In the process of pinning your favorite bits of the web on Pinterest, you’ll inevitably come across items other people have pinned.  And if you like these pins, the logical thing to do for yourself (and your own followers!) is to repin them on your own pin board.  But how can this help you grow […]

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Growing Your Blog with Pinterest: Getting Started

If you’ve been on the internet in the past – um, year – you’ve heard the buzz about Pinterest.  And yes, it’s the best thing since Facebook. Pinterest is a visual representation of the hottest things on the Internet, grouped by category. Who decides what makes it onto Pinterest? You do. The same way you […]

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Growing Your Blog with Pinterest: The Ultimate Guide

I’ve been spreading the good news about Pinterest for the past year, but only a handful of blogs I’ve seen truly harness the power of Pinterest to grow their readership. This is a series of posts I’m writing about – you guessed it – using Pinterest to grow your blog. In the coming weeks, I’ll […]

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