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Best WordPress Plugins: 15 Essentials Every Blog Needs

When you start a blog (or even when you’ve been blogging for awhile!), there are a sea of options for making your blog do things. WordPress plugins, like apps for your blog, are what we use. Whether you want your blog to be found by search engines or to make your content more shareable, the […]

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How to Configure WordPress in 5 SImple Steps

Configure your WordPress blog in 5 easy steps! Start a blog @ The Blog Maven

I know…you’re chomping at the bit to start writing on your brand new blog. But a few minutes of housekeeping will ensure that you’re set up properly. Luckily, there are just five steps to the initial setup, then installing your theme (design), and you’ll be ready to write. Here’s what we’ll be covering in this […]

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How to Start a Blog (The Easy Way)

How to Start a Blog :: Jeni takes you step by step through setting up your blog. You can be blogging in just 10 minutes!

Are you ready to start your blog, but the only thing holding you back is knowing how to start it? Then you’ve come to the right place. This quick guide will take you, step by step, through starting a blog – from installing your new site to getting your blog configured. If you follow each […]

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10 Things Every Blogger Should Know About Working With Brands

Working with brands is one of the most mainstream ways to make an income through your blog, though – truth be told – it can be intimidating just to get started. There’s so much to know: from how to find a contact in the company you want to work with, to how to craft the […]

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20 Example Blog Media/Press Kits for Your Inspiration

Hands down, one of my most helpful articles for bloggers who want to connect with brands is How to Make a Media Kit that ROCKS. In it, I outline 10 easy steps to creating a media kit that will help you shine with potential brand partners and sponsors for your blog. But as popular as […]

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How to Stop Throwing Away Your Blog Traffic and Get More Subscribers

If you’ve been struggling to build your subscriber list – despite focusing on serving the needs of one specific reader – despite asking the #1 question that will gain you a loyal following – despite dishing out the best content you can… You’re probably making a mistake that is going to cripple your ability to […]

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The #1 Question You Should Be Asking Your Blog Readers

How to grow your blog The #1 question you should be asking your readers.

When I was in college, I had a professor who was fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (better known as MIT) and in his first year of teaching. He was a brilliant linguist – a genius if ever there was one – but his first semester teaching undergrads at B.U. wasn’t going so […]

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The Great Content Hoax: Why Just Blogging Your Passion Won’t Build You an Empire

Does this sound like you or someone you know? “I’ve been writing on my blog for a year now and only have 32 followers. …and 14 of them are my family.” “I write on my blog 3x a week but people who find my blog don’t stay!” “Why does nobody leave a comment on my […]

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How to Watermark Your Photos in Photoshop Elements

Welcome back to Photoshop Elements for Bloggers! In the last lesson, you learned how to add text to your photos with the goal of creating Pinnable images for your blog. In this lesson, I’m going to share how you can create a brush in Elements to watermark your photos and protect them from theft. Forget […]

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How to Feature Your Most Pinterest-Worthy Posts in Your Sidebar

How to Feature Pinterest Worthy Content in Sidebar | The Blog Maven

If your blog has ever had a red-letter day on Pinterest with tons of people clicking over to see one of your posts, you were probably surprised at how finicky those visitors can be. (can I get an Amen?) It seems like people who visit from Pinterest just want to pop in to see what they […]

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