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5 reasons bloggers need to consult — even if you’re an introvert

5 Reasons Bloggers Need to Consult — Even if You're an Introvert

You’re probably sick of hearing it. Create a course! Passive income! Stop working and retire in Ouagadougou! (#Protip: Don’t retire in Ouagadougou.) What they don’t tell you is how hard it is to create a course — not just making one (sure, you have ideas…) — but once you have your course, how do you […]

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007: How new challenges fuel Emily’s business and personal growth

The new challenges you face in business or in life are a big deal. Bigger than most people think. New challenges are a gift —they’re the growth opportunities that will fuel you to the next level of success or fulfillment—IF you don’t let fear keep you from taking full advantage of them. My guest on […]

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[Case Study] From 48 to 1,147 subscribers + full-time income in one year

Blog Smarter Case Study Jess Renzi

Jess Renzi’s transformation from Blogger to Business Owner After a year of blogging, Jess Renzi was stuck. She knew she could help people. She knew she had information they needed. And she knew she had the potential to turn her knowledge into a profitable business. But how? After being referred to the Blog Smarter program by a friend-of-a-friend, […]

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006: How to make a full-time income in 15 hours/week as a food blogger, with Rachel Ballard

Think you have to publish 3x/week to earn a full-time income? Think again. In this episode of the 10X Profit Podcast, I talk with Rachel from Feast and Farm. She’s not just any food blogger; for the last two years, Rachel has been applying smart brand + business strategy to multiply her traffic and income without the […]

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9 questions to FOCUS your biz + build a stronger brand

Take a fistful of warm spaghetti noodles out of the pot. Bend your elbow, cock that arm behind your head, and LET ‘ER FLY. Splat against the wall. :: If that sounds unsanitary, it IS…but people do it. Why? To test whether the spaghetti is cooked — to see if what they were trying to […]

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005: How to Leverage Books & Online Courses to Create Two Full-Time Incomes, with Luke & Trisha Gilkerson

What sets a successful entrepreneur apart from those who never quite make it? It turns out…not that much. It’s one part ideas, one part mindset, and one part delight in the process of creating. And today’s guests prove that you can start selling products in spite of yourself, even as you’re learning to sell better. In this episode of […]

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How Ditching 3 Bad Habits Can Make You a Happier, More Confident Entrepreneur

I always wondered why Melissa didn’t have any friends. She had a lot going for her: She was smart enough to be in the gifted program at school. Her parents slathered her with gifts and clothes from the Gap. And somehow, she had magically skipped over the awkward, pimply stage most of us have to […]

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The 3 Essential Skills You Need to Make Money (+ have an impact!) as an Entrepreneur

Chuck Noland couldn’t speak French. He couldn’t play the piano, and he certainly couldn’t whip up a cheese soufflé. But none of that mattered.  Because when Chuck was marooned on an uninhabited desert island in the middle of the Pacific, all those “nice to have” skills were USELESS except for three things: Finding water and […]

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004: How to Take Quick Action & Create Products to Sell, with Nancy Bandzuch

Being a Maker isn’t for the faint of heart. Those who blaze a path with their business have one thing in common: they’re brave. But bravery in business isn’t what you might think. In this episode, I chat with Nancy Bandzuch from Do Small Things with Love. In just a few weeks, Nancy took an idea for her community […]

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003: How to Go From Zero to $1K/month From Online Products & Courses, with Rachel Norman

On today’s show, I’m talking with Rachel Norman, who has moved from blogger to entrepreneur, now offering over a dozen products and courses for moms who want the mindsets, habits, and routines to take the chaos out of life. In today’s show, watch for some great gold nuggets, like how Rachel prioritizes which products to […]

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